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Services & upgrades


We provide full yearly maintenance inspections & routine services on all makes and models! Our service team is highly skilled to provide our customers with the best professional service for their cart.


Ready to race?! In addition to all repair services, we offer any and all performance upgrades to bring your cart the most power and speed you require. We specialize in high performance controller upgrades, as well as speed/torque motor installs & custom tuning tailored to your terrain. 


There are 3 main types of batteries generally available for golf carts. Lead acid load cycle batteries which require distilled water maintenance & generally last 5-6 year if well taken care of. The next step up are AGM sealed maintenance free batteries, which last around 6 years, and will provide a longer run time than lead acid, These are more affordable than lithium therefore, are a great option if you're looking for maintenance free without breaking the bank. Lithium technology provides the most range, shaves weight off your vehicle, and will last around 9-10 years! Give us a call anytime if you have any questions about a battery upgrade or service, we're happy to help. 

Thanks for reaching out. We’ll get back to you soon.

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