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2019 Star EV Sirius golf cart

2019 Star EV Sirius golf cart

Selling our 2019 Star EV Sirius 48 Volt AC motor Golf Cart ❗️

These are high end golf carts. Model retails for $16,000+❗️

- Trojan Batteries

- 35 mile range upgrade* ❗️

- 14” JH all terrain wheels & tires with a 6” full suspension lift.

- *JBL Bluetooth stereo upgrade*

- captains Chair leather seats

- street legal❗️

- LED headlights with daytime running lights, high-beams, turn signals & hazzards.

- on board charger❗️

- digital dash with speedo & battery level indicator

- locking glove compartment

- Locking insulated front trunk cooler

- Console USB charging port

- extended top

- full seat belt kit, & side mirrors with imbedded turn signals!

customized for a 20 year ATL fire captain. Extra features include a fire hose, real axe, ladder, engine badges, and siren. people take pictures of it everywhere, super fun cart !

-Extremely fast cart downhill & uphill.

-Runs over 25mph Great carts, built here in the south❗️

Asking $12,200 free local delivery included !

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